Simpl is an open source library for sinusoidal modelling written in C/C++ and Python, and making use of Scientific Python (SciPy). The aim of this project is to tie together many of the existing sinusoidal modelling implementations into a single unified system with a consistent API, as well as providing implementations of some recently published sinusoidal modelling algorithms, many of which have yet to be released in software. Simpl is primarily intended as a tool for other researchers in the field, allowing them to easily combine, compare and contrast many of the published analysis/synthesis algorithms.

The project summary page is available at:

The current version of simpl is 0.2 (released in December 2010). It is open source, licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL).


All platforms:

Additionally, windows users will probably need:

Additional packages (optional):


There is no packaged download for now, so just grab the source from the repository: $ git clone git://

To install, in the root directory run: $ python install


See the scripts in the examples folder.


Send any comments, queries, suggestions or bug reports to john dot c dot glover at nuim dot ie.


The SndObj library is by Dr. Victor Lazzarini (National University of Ireland, Maynooth) and others. See the main project page at for more information.

Libsms is an implementation of SMS by Rich Eakin, based on code by Dr. Xavier Serra (MTG, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spain) See the main project page at for more information.

The MQ algorithm is based on the following paper: R. McAulay, T. Quatieri, "Speech Analysis/Synthesis Based on a Sinusoidal Representation", ieee transaction on acoustics, speech and signal processing, vol. 34, no. 4, pp. 744 - 754, 1986.